Section “Device” Identifier “S3 Inc. It looks like the issue is too tricky to get solved Using gamma correction 1. In almost every case these lines should be omitted. As Menting said, if anyone has good ideas to solve the problem, please come forward. Video-modi have a certain number in the BIOS, and at some BIOSes there are resolutions that somehow cannot be retreived; the trick they did was to “copy” the desired resolution-number to an other number and use that new BIOS-resolution number

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Each describes the way multiple screens are organised. I did not notice the answer from “man xrandr”. I’m going to try re-gitting the files again and see if maybe something got corrupted or something.

Savage chip and DRI.

I don’t get why savage would be different. How to set the resolution of x? Chose mode 11e at 70Hz. With LiveCD Xubuntu 8. Hopes this will help you. English Edit question Status: Workspace covers the screen only partially. And for the dri git thingey, those are the steps that I followed as well. No assignee Edit question Last query: Chose mode at 85Hz. Or if you do need the beta version of mesa, try building the git head of xorg-server That is also the largest resolution to select in GUI settings.


Thanks for the tip, Menting. Some quirks in the interactions between the OS and the Savage hardware can cause system lockups, especially due to high video load and 3D rendering operations. Here savae the log file. Org Server Extension, version 0.

In this example, screen 2 is located to the right of screen 1.

Blank Screen with S3 Inc. 86C Savage/IX-MV (rev 11) on ThinkPad T20 – CentOS

Can you try connecting through your analog connector? VESA drivers were installed. This page has been accessed 68, times. Also see the Problem with black X page for more information. Cesare Tirabassi norsetto said on In almost every case these lines should be omitted.

Use s3switch to change display output in software. 86v270 allows clients to receive these key events. Entry deleted from font path. Here’s the link to the Gentoo wiki. X Window System Version 7. I’m not quite sure how it works, but we’ll see. Now, locate the following function:.


Oh, I think I’m working it out by specifying Modes in Display. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. Using maximum pixel clock of I’m using an IX Itronix gobook.