You can’t help but feel good and holler a little bit! Aaron hopes his gun shop in nearby Smithville will be his “retirement” when he is through with his music career. His first single for the label, the No. His first single, ” You’ve Got to Stand for Something “, was released in Following it were “I’m Leaving” at No. It produced three straight Top 40 country hits in ” Workin’ Man’s Ph. One of Aaron’s past big hits is the humorous, “There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio,” a song he wrote about an old clunker of a car:

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Chicken Truck | Aaron Tippin

He has not yet had a chance to restore any of his trucks, and said his biggest thrill is to pull start them and bring them back to life. Still carrying his CDL to drive his old work trucks, Aaron occasionally drives his bus when he’s on the road with his band. In the s, he made a living as a singer, performing in various local bars.

We drove it 70 mph back to Nashville! She was goin’ slower and slower. His first single for the label, the No. Hot Country Songs to Mack B-Model parts truck. Tandem dump aaeon formerly owned by Palmer Bros.


Co-written by Tippin with his wife, Thea, the song went to the top of the Billboard country charts, becoming tlppin third and final Number One hit. They’re tough old trucks. Mack B with Holmes twin boom wrecker.

Truck Driver Songs: Aaron Tippin “Driving Fool”

They’ll have to wait till later to get pretty. White Mustang dump, The first old truck I bought was a ’74 Ford F dump truck. Teuck the background is his Mack B with its Holmes twin-boom wrecker.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aaron Tippin. My dad was a professional pilot and I grew up lovin’ to fly. Retrieved 2 April Tippin is a staunch supporter of the military, and has performed many shows for American servicemen and women overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not far from the winding Smith Fork Creek is a broad clearing in the valley, where a flat semi-circle of old iron and rubber curls up against a row of trees shown in tip;in above.

Truck Driver Songs: Aaron Tippin “Driving Fool”

Tippin also opened two hunting supply stores called Aaron Tippin Firearms: When I moved to the farm I wanted a dump truck to haul crushed stone for the driveway I was going to build to the future site of my bus garage. His first single, ” You’ve Got to Stand for Something “, was released in We started to drive it back home, but about halfway back to Nashville, the engine started to die.


InTippin released his third studio album, titled Call of the Wild. Archived from the original on 14 October Once I got bigger than the bale of hay, I got to drive the truck-across the field in granny gear!

I worked all night and wrote songs in Nashville during the day. We found an old boy at a garage who had a fuel filter that fit, we changed it, and Pow! It was also the title track to his debut albumreleased in late BoxKansas City, MO I figured the fuel filter was plugged.

After a divorce 13 years ago, I came to Nashville at age 25 and took a job as a heavy equipment mechanic just over the line in Kentucky.

Shown at left is Aaron’s White Mustang dump, which he likes because of the big Mustang hood ornament. I wanted to become a pilot and got all my pilot ratings, but gippin the energy crunch hit in the early seventies, tippinn airlines were furloughing pilots right and left.