Is this normal, or is this a fault? How to solve intermittent server hangs? I manage few servers with Adaptec family 5 controllers. Adaptec RAID 1: Logical device are setted as “Missing”. I started getting emails from this old controller last week, but they’re not very descriptive:

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The adaptec tag has no usage guidance. The 2003 disks died after 2 years so much for Adaptec fails to rebuild array Yesterday one of the disks in RAID 1 mirror attached to Adaptec died and was replaced by new one but after about 2 hours of rebuilding array went offline.

We ordered a new one.

Adaptec – Adaptec RAID

Adaptec RAID array was not detected after updating the kernel? How to solve intermittent server hangs? I have 4 disks attached and the FreeBSD system installed.

Adaptec Raid1 on Debian failed Stripes its my 1st question here so please be kind. The spare drive I have to put in the server is a 1. I work with Adaptec cards on a regular basis;, e,and a few others.


Jason 5 I stopped an ibm x series server to clean it out. I am dismayed by the BIOS’ asf and lack of any utility at all. Is it okay to shut down the raid for One of the disks broke and after the replacement the Controller did not pick up on it, did not start the rebuild Andy 3 5 I also installed it on a Win 7 PC.

How to benchmark maxCache 3. Leon Kramer 93 9.

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Geekman 1 6 One drive failed some time ago, I replaced it, and it rebuilt and all was fine state of the logical drive became optimal. Adaptec provides a driver for After controller initialization it saysarrays have missing required members and cannot be configured. Does anyone know of an equivalent card which we could use When the card is sdaptec, it flashes the red LEDs back and forth, Knight Rider -style, just like this video.

I have 6 1tb drives in a RAID5. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


Драйверы для ADAPTEC для Windows Server bit

They are discontinued and no support. I power down, pop out the offending drive, put in a good one, reboot and go into Adaptec Typical time to add a new volume on Adaptec controllers I have an Adaptec The harddisks aar 2 Seagate 3TB drives 2 years ago because of the same issue. Melikoth 1 3 How to test is hardware ssd-cache work?

The four disks are all the same model configured as a What to do with it? While I had the drives out for cleaning I started the server seerver get the fans running, to exhaust dust