Once the connection has been established, we can configure AWG settings such as offset and load impedance to suit the application requirements. At this point, I haven’t manually typed in any C code, yet I already have the beginnings of a GUI for the application. It was working just fine earlier. To output a DC voltage from a A: For brevity, I’ve omitted error checking. Chris Hall Chris Hall view profile. Again as in the first example, double left-click on the TrackBar in the Form1.

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. To do this, we call the randn function, which returns standard normal distributed pseudorandom numbers. I guess that you have a read igi character problem.

Instument is the A. If an application uses IVI software and only calls the specification-required functions, there should be no need to change the application code if a different instrument is used. The concepts and programming details I provide here are applicable even if other test equipment is used, agioent much of the detail presented here pertains to any C application.

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As the red coloring in the plot shows, the agileht energy is most intense at Hz and the frequency ramps down to 50 Hz after 1 second, as we would expect from our signal definition. I am using the Keysight B series waveform generator to frequency sweep a pulse waveform. When using wave form editor and the damp factor in segment parameters functioncan this be correlated to the math function.


It supports the familiar boolintfloatand double types and multidimensional arrays of types. To locate the available function generators, we first create an fgen object. Load and read signal into wave generator using python and usbtmc in linux?

Downloading a Custom Waveform to an Arbitrary Waveform Generator – MATLAB & Simulink

Uploading the Waveform to the AWG. The programs I present were developed with Development Environment and Microsoft.

Next, add the Form1 class variables in Listing 3. For example, you can generate signals corrupted by noise, or precisely delayed signals.

C# & Electronic Test Instruments

This is because the syntax to change frequency may not be universally understood. Vii 6 of To output a DC voltage from a A: Start the Visual Studio. The IDE generates a skeleton event handler, switches the view to the Form1. Creating the Skeleton Application.

C# & Electronic Test Instruments | Dr Dobb’s

There’s somthing 332200a with your ni gpib install or there’s a confict with the agilent software. Maybe translate the example on page 62 to python to generate the binary arb file. It supports the Agilent A function generator. These examples show how easy it is to use C to communicate to electronic test instruments. Thanks last modified by shaobing Sign up using Facebook.


Message 3 of You can also use arrays and automatically detect any out-of-bound array accesses. I need to know when the waveform starts to be repeated, it is, when the beginning of the waveform oc Tooltip help, tabbing, and pull-down menus are also easy to set up.

Press the Offset key and hold it do Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. We assign the resource string of the AWG to the Resource property of the object.

Naturally, your results will vary, depending on your placement of the Label boxes and the TrackBar properties; I set TrackBar minimum to 1, TrackBar maximum to 30, Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location.