Frank 7 years ago. DL 7 years ago. For more information and to try out udesign, visit Callawaygolf udesign. It already looks more expensive. What colours would you choose?

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The Best Year for Drivers Ever?

Udesign Your Callaway RAZR Fit Driver – Golfalot

Agreed, I think this will really catch on. Great Idea for a great kdesign, make mine green, thank you. This is a great idea. I could give a rip about color of shaft, grip etc. Phana24JG 7 years ago. Chris Harman 7 years ago. Looks like Tiger Woods has had some influence on another Golf company….

For whatever reason…if golfers see Joe Blow on tour winning with a purple driver you can bet your ass your gonna see more purple drivers in consumers bags the following week.

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INTRODUCING – uDesign by Callaway Golf

And yeah sure…golf had dabbled in it a little bit with some of udesiyn boutique putter brands…but 3 years ago not many people would have imagined what would be in store for the rest of the clubs in the bag. The trend was already catching on in many other industries.


It already looks more expensive. Does it preform or not???? Which brings me to what is being launched today by Callaway Golf.

OK, now I am excited!

Matt 7 years ago. Seth 7 years ago.

Mike 7 years ago. You can put any of those shafts and any of those grips on your clubs now. This is a great idea… The number of golfers hunting for something new and customizable has grown exponentially. After making a colour selection, advanced customisation options detailing the choice of stock or after-market shaft, its flex, length, grip model and wraps follow. For more information and to try out udesign, visit Callawaygolf udesign. You also got to pick good looking car colors in those days……….

Sorry EA Sports and the game with Tigers name on it, that has been a feature for some time, changing shaft, head and grip color and make playing a little more fun…. A putter can last you a lifetime, and, theoretically, a driver can too. How is Callaway going to get Bubba to swtch over to them?


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INTRODUCING – uDesign by Callaway Golf

Peacocks can do it, so should us men. Plus, no big company put out every good idea at the same time, how would they sell the club next year? Todd Johnston 7 years ago. Taylormade idesign that army of pro players with what some might consider ridiculous pieces of technology almost on a weekly basis nowadays…but it works. We are here to help educate and empower golfers.