When used in parallel, the combined impedance is 4 ohms. Alternate layers are perpendicularly bonded under intense heat and pressure to form panels of superior uniformity. The system shall weigh Author Write something about yourself. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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ELX Dual 15″ 2‑Way Passive Full‑Range Loudspeaker by Electro‑Voice

Find ev from a vast selection of Speaker and Horn Drivers. The Eliminator i Sub can be used either in conventional biamplified operation or compresssion full-range passive mode with the Eliminator i two-way high-peak output stage system in parallel. Free Shipping on Thousands of Items. These colorations limit and reduce overall system intelligibility. The loudspeaker shall be a compact vented-box type. For use as a super tweeter in custom high-performance systems.

Eliminator i Sub

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Vented enclosures offer excellent power handling and comlression distortion in the lowest octave of rated operation.

The system sensitivity shall be 99 dB when measured in an anechoic environment with a 1-watt input with a calibrated measurement microphone located 1 meter from the system axis. The Eliminator i Sub includes a top-mounted stand adapter and an 18″ pole mount for use with the Eliminator i full-range system. Heavy-duty corner protectors, firmly secured rubber feet, recessed handles and a protective metal grille complete the picture and ensure that the Eliminator Monitor speaker system is ideally suited to a long and reliable life on the road.


Road-Wood uses the same principle of crossbanding veneers, as in plywood, in order to achieve its very high rigidity. In addition to including RMD techniques, the 15″ mm DL15BFH woofer is specially designed to provide extended watt contrinuous watt peak power handling.

The loudspeaker system shall be a subwoofer system consisting of one inch low-frequency transducer in a vented quasi band pass design. For pricing options and packages, contact us at A combination of dado-cut joints and tough adhesives ensure a sonically dead enclosure free from panel resonances. This is included with the high quality passive network to prevent accidental high frequency overload and improve system reliability.

Electro Voice speaker repair replacement diaphragm DH3, xx.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Many EV models, drivers, compression drivers, EV. All loudspeaker drivers exhibit mechanical resonance modes that add their own time-domain or ringing-mode colorations.

The Eliminator i eg be high-pass filtered to reduce subsonic material below 40 Hz. Safety concerns limit the use of a pole greater than 18″ in length under no circumstances should a pole of greater than 18″ be used with the Eliminator i Sub.

The system can also be used in biamp mode by using an active crossover system with slopes of 24 dB per-octave. The passive mode shall provide first order low-pass filtering. The system shall have a rated frequency response of 40 Hz to Hz passive mode and is capable of extended high-level operation within that range. Get great deals on eBay. However, it is always advisable to filter material below enclosure tuning to further improve system output and headroom.


When extended low-frequency operation is required, the performance can be further enhanced with the use of the Eliminator i Sub, which can be used in either biamp or full-range passive mode. Author Write something about yourself. The result is substantially cleaner vocal reproduction and a response that is more uniform regardless of input level conditions. The system will reproduce the frequencies from 77 to 20, Hz.

Works well with direct-radiating woofers in high-value, moderately high-output, two-way loudspeaker systems. elkminator

Electro Voice style speaker repair replacement diaphragm for DH3, xx. These power handling ratings are achieved using a 6 dB crest factor which provides peak levels 4 times that above the continuous rating of watts.

Many EV models, drivers, compression drivers, EV horns and parts.