Again you’re advice proves correct! Originally posted by rb2u Does your Mac use proxy settings also? BUT my web browser is unable to connect to any sites. You’ll have to restart the PC every time you change a network setting. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Linksys Mac OS X Compatible? | MacRumors Forums

BUT my web browser is unable to connect to any sites. My inch Airport Extreme powerbook is on its way. Forums New posts Search forums. It does not have any Mac software.

Originally posted by xphile Your 12″ PowerBook is on the way, but I wouldn’t count on it clearing up the problems Chris Meyer1 Chris Meyer1. If anyone has any specific experience with this exact card, I would appreciate any input you might have. Originally posted by larry Usually, the browser reports “Detecting Proxy Settings” and just hangs until it says “Server Not Found. Originally posted by rb2u Does your Mac use proxy settings also?

And again I linksya knowledge: You said Windows95 which I’m not sure about!


Linksys Wireless Network PC Card (WPC11 ver. 3.0)

Jan 12, 8: If you linksya no proxy settings on the Mac you need to change the PC to connect directly no proxies. All replies Drop Down menu. They were awful and clueless.

I’ve had two good experiences with Linksys products.

Links do sometimes go out of date, features change, and sometimes even cards that have the same model number will contain different chips or firmware that affect how the cards operate. Glad to hear from you on this. Ask a question Reset.

Linksys WPC11, Windows95 and Airport Extreme | Mac Support

Then I’m gonna try to install linux on that old windows laptop, and see if that breathes new life into it. My first is a 4port router and the second is the new wireless-G router. I think it has something to do with my network settings on the PC, but it’s set to obtain IP dynamically, etc.

Where did you get the information from, and what made you think that it would work? Again you’re advice proves correct! Since you have a link light it sounds like it is connected.

If you generate the password on the PC there will be a long hex key to enter on the Mac! Originally posted by larry Sounds similar to my problem.


Linksys WPC11, Windows95 and Airport Extreme

That will give you the password to use on a PC. I guess this gets into the realm of encryption that I know little about.

For what it is worth, I just wasted about 3 hours of my life with Linksys tech support trying to get a WAP11 Access point conncected to my Linksys router and WPC11 card in my PC running Windows my two macs are connected to the router by cables – both desktops. She’s running Windows 98 which has better networking capability and may be why you’re having difficulty. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. And it may require a dollar sign in front. Jan 13, 8: But what about the “wireless network name” I gave the network in the Airport setup utility?