On a new TR-2 we put the capacitor on a toggle switch so we could switch it in and out while playing. I was reading his excellent July, column in the back of Guitar Player magazine and was happy to see him mention the KOT in studio use. For new modified pedal orders, see buyanalogman. Some of the larger “usa made” brands including some of the newer “boutique” builders actually have their boards made and stuffed in the far east. Things like the pots, jacks, and even the circuit board can break loose with heavy use. He bought another one in for his second board, then tried both together and wrote:

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This is the Blues Driver pedal from Bos. Works great on stage and cuts through the mix, which all the multi-effects processors and digital modelers have a real problem with.

The Analog Man DS-1 is a thing of beauty, the answer to all my dreams. Please go to the bottom of my TS9 page for online ordering of a new pedal.

Here are some Japanese Reviews if you can read them! You can still use two jacks like the normal KoT and go through both sides. My amp is stock, and does not sound that great when it’s cranked up. The stock GE-7 can not be run bues 15V. If you want a true bypass tube screamer, an excellent choice is the Maxon OD-9 which has stock true bypass. Ahhh, to be whole again.


User reviews: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Analogman – Audiofanzine

See below for online order forms for new pedals. All my TS mods, have the same circuit as a real TS What it does it pretty interesting.

All up, they both sound very natural, jodded, unprocessed, unsynthetic. We put black marks on the pedal for each knob setting like he does in the picture on the left It uses many expensive components to make the TS circuit really come alive. Maxon discontinued the AD-9, Sold out, sorry!

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Analog man analognan Mike has been rebooting old distortion pedals to make them more user friendly in today’s music world. The stock midrange setting is with the knob at 9: Which mod sounds more like a real TS? Some chording and riffs pedal off 4 bars then on 4 bars.

For those awaiting the arrival of a new industry-leading looper, the wait is finally over. For new modified pedal orders, see buyanalogman.

But almost nobody runs the drive knob below We also install a bunch of original style capacitors, replacing the cheap little capacitors that are now used.

Mass produced products like a TS9 are built to a price point, and made to perform as well as possible at the lowest manufacturing cost. From the Beatles to Jeff Beck, Santana to Stevie Ray, many guitar greats have embraced the rotary-speaker sound on stage and in the studio.


The special JRC chip he preferred was designed for audio tone controls, and has a warm yet clear sound. Our passion for tone has turned on so many people that it is getting hard for us to keep up with the demand for our products and other boutique pedals that we sell.

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Here are more pictures of Sid and Jim from June, See below for current prices and online ordering. But it will only get half as distorted when all the way up, compared to before.

There is no room for a battery with the Buffer option. It’s the same price and may be harder to accidentally change the setting on. There are some good clean boosts available, but they just don’t have enough drive to really give your amp the distortion you often want.