This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product. Properties driver tabs This set of tabs controls the driver behavior and driver connections. Toggle orientation between portrait and landscape by clicking the document preview image. Offering a next generation, mobile-ready user experience, the AltaLink B Series is built for ease of use, security and Any font smaller than the minimum setting is downloaded as a bitmap Type 3 font. Hewlett-Packard HP has built its Edgeline print head into two new departmental printers designed for print volumes up to 50, pages a month. Accordingly, if Pages per Sheet on the Finishing tab is greater than one, the ordering of logical pages on a physical sheet of paper does not change.

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Print pages on different paper dialog box. The top edge of the document is the shorter edge of the paper. And an ECOnomy colour output mode significantly reduces the cost compared to full colour printing. As fast as 8 seconds Copy: The Printing shortcuts box appears, as shown in the following figure.

HP EdgeLine CM8060: Super-fast printing

Automatically print on both sides The duplexing unit in the device prints on two sides of a sheet of paper when the Print on Both Sides option is specified in the print job. The field temporarily accepts fewer than four digits in the string, but when the edit field loses focus, zeroes pad the left xnd until the PIN contains exactly four digits. Settings in the software program override settings in the print driver. Minimum Font Size to Download as Outline This control specifies the minimum font size in pixels for which the driver downloads TrueType fonts as outline Type 1 fonts.


Edgeline printing – Wikipedia

No more that 30 watermarks can exist in the Current Watermarks list at one time. Accessory Output Bin This control specifies whether the accessory output bin or an optional finisher is installed on the device.

The ICM Intent setting specifies how color images are created to produce the image that looks best on the printed page. The Job Name field can contain no more than 16 characters, and is limited to A through Z uppercase or lowercase and 0 through 9 so that the name can appear on the device control-panel display. Dragging the slider-bar indicator does not yield an exact value.

If print jobs do not print as expected, see the device documentation to ensure that the device has the expected capabilities. Devices with a duplexer installed support smart duplexing. Click the External Fonts option to make the Properties button available.

Use this storage for forms and other common or shared documents. Click the External Fonts option. It’s a bit like using a multi-nozzled sprinkler system instead of a hosepipe. Edgelline the job-storage options by clicking the appropriate option button, and then edgleine any required fields. The top edge of the document is the longer edge of the paper. It contains an overall build number in parentheses after the model name together with specific information about each of the components.


The Job Storage tab contains the following controls:.

When this option is selected, the device connection type is automatically detected. The following table shows the relation between mopier mode settings and collation settings in the software program and the driver. If the document fails to print when sent to a network device, change Yes to No.

HP LaserJet and Edgeline Print Driver Onl… – Apple Community

Send Graphics as Raster. This product cannot be identified by Serial Number alone. Use the External Fonts option to install and remove external fonts for the device. Job Storage When Job Storage is enabled, the device can store print jobs so that you esgeline gain access to those print jobs later at edgfline control panel.

One or more of the values entered is not permitted. Using defined printing shortcuts The following defined printing shortcuts are available:.

Load the paper as you would for printing on both sides. The Color tab contains the following control sets:.