Not competitively priced, an almost-working MOH app, and spotty tech-support. Modem, supraexpress 56e pro driver. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. I’m told that the ” designates a V. My experiences with any ESS Tech – Cisco access server combination have never been good and this was no exception.

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I’ve diamnd received a response from them after 3 emails starting in early December, ‘ I’m rather fond of the Dimond SupraExpress 56e Pro.

Windows 10 brings a lot of issues to users, How to. If you’ve a fondness for the Zoom name or the Lucent chipset then this product is definitely worth a look. USR has two proprietary applications that deal with the new features in V. Diamond Multimedia Suprawww. A working MOH app, competitively priced, and good tech support. It seems a multimediz performer and is fully capable of V.

Diamond Multimedia Supra Express 56k Modem W/ Older Mac Serial Connection | eBay

I’m told that the ” designates a V. Folks with Unix boxes can do an anonymous ftp to totalservice.

I also tested two modems that may be of interest to the financially impaired. I did get this loaded up on my Win2K system but it would not recognize the modem.


Vintage Diamond SupraExpress 56k External Serial Modem SUP | eBay

Creative Labswww. Though I’m still a bit skittish regarding my support experiences I’m willing to say US Robotics products are once again worthy of consideration. Was tested only to install drivers in Win 98SE. While it was all they had that was V. Used products have a non D.

As we no longer manufacture these products, and have not for some time, our customer care and warranty claim call volumes related to these products are extremely low. Tech support was reasonable at supradxpress but the person I’d been working with emailed me saying he could not work there anymore.

Diamond Multimedia Supra Express 56k Modem W/ Older Mac Serial Connection

The other application is called Internet Call Notification ICNwhich communicates with you when you have an incoming call. There still is no modem-on-hold application being offered even in beta form.

Ssupraexpress could have at least left a driver support area up for a couple years as they did after all take our money, eh? I suppose this is another case of a company cutting back on staff during economic hard times.

You can free download and update all Microsoft Modems drivers here. The modem will establish a V. I do not know the reason that tech support is no longer responding but mlutimedia of it I can no longer recommended BestData’s products.


We appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope that this change does not inconvenience you greatly. Anyone with a in similar circumstances can find their files at: The reason call volume fell off was that people gave up trying to get anything out of them.

The caller-id information immediately began being correctly displayed by NetWaiting. New other see details. This is because the serial port speed ofbits per second cannot keep up with the maximum data throughput of V. The information presented here is current as of September, and that should be kept in mind when considering the purchase of any particular product. Windows device driver information for Diamond SupraExpress 56e V provided that the other computer system is also equipped with a modem device.

Not competitively priced, an almost-working MOH app, and spotty tech-support. You apparently cannot put your modem on-hold to place an out going call. Modem diamond supraexpress 56e pro drivers.