ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software offers top-level user convenience, it is easy to install and easy to use. Try swiping slowly and carefully the same way and make sure your finger firmly contacts the clear part of the scanner for the whole swipe. The whole thing is held together by a pair of sturdy metal hinges that attach the screen and main body of the laptop. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Is there any feedback you would like to provide? All of this seemed to happen after a think advantage system update was done.

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ThinkPad T43 left-side view larger image. If you need any other information about my computer, please tell me. Message 7 of 9. So a gaming notebook the T43 is not, but you will be able to play a few recent 3D games on their low settings or run older games without any problem. Clever internal design and placement readet vents goes a long way to keeping the T43 cool enough. However, a fan is of course necessary after a point.

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I also tried going into the control panel and testing the reader lbm, says to scan finger and print should show up, nothing happens. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, and logged in with my password. Message 2 of 9. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. See our Sustainability Report. ThinkPad T43 back-side view larger image. You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue.


This is very good, many manufacturers will give just a year unless you want to cough up more money. Software Free Download Soft If your notebook all of a sudden one day is behaving strangely and crashing, you can use the built-in Restore and Recovery utility and take your notebook back to a point in time so everything is setup exactly as it was at that chosen time.

Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. At a 45 degree horizontal viewing angle things are very readable and viewable still, and even from a full 90 degree viewing angle horizontally I am able to read text on web pages and in MS Word. Here you can find the latest version 5. When the pointing stick is combined with the scroll button located between the two upper mouse buttons you can scroll through web pages and long documents with ease.

New IBM ThinkPad T43 notebook computers offer fingerprint reader on selected models and the new

If the existing version of the Fingerprint Reader software is lower than 5. I’m not sure how relevent that part is, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to mention it. We use Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed. The T43 is particularly good for ibbm related work and for computer finngerprint — two occupations in which you spend a lot of time using a computer and keyboard and also might need extra security to protect your data.

Since the ThinkPad T43 is intended for and targeted at business buyers, continuing on this look is just perfect. Just slide the end of your finger over the reader, and if it does not read right the software will actually coach you to move your finger to the fingerpritn or left.


If you can’t even get the registration to complete, then you could have a problem. If I were you I would call Lenovo repair service. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Nice to know a feature offered with the product, one that makes people buy the item is also the feature that seems to raeder for several different reasons. I ‘ve got the same problem.

IBM ThinkPad T43 Review (pics, specs)

Using the built-in IBM Access Connections application makes it very easy to find networks and manage various wireless connection profiles.

So, like others readed said, I was able to use the fingerprint software perfectly well, and then one day without warning, I tried to login and it would give me the “Processing” pop-up, and then no follow-up.

I’m willing to try system restore again, and maybe to go back to a farther date, though I’m pretty sure the date I rfader then was prior to this whole fingerprinting problem.

Although the screen brightness is not the best out there, I find the horizontal viewing angle of the T43 to be quite excellent.