Sounds about right, I could boot straight from the drive which is how I ran my special dos boot, and yeah I didn’t need the guest software. The first operation was to format a 1. Mine was factory sealed. I tested the SuperDisk against my Zip drive to see which one was the fastest in high capacity storage. Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another. I have the external ZIP that looks like that one, but it’s a dual interface, parallel or SCSI, auto-detect on whatever it’s connected to.

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First, there was disk siperdrive. It is one of imaation last examples of floptical technology, where lasers are used to guide a magnetic head which is much smaller than those used in traditional floppy disk drives. Imation Super Disk Drive. This page was last updated: I lost quite a few disks to the click of death on two separate drives. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I think I still have all this stuff somewhere.


The Mac Observer–Review: The Improved SuperDisk USB Drive For Macintosh

I had one of those back in the day. Wonder how many people have thrown them away? System Used For Testing. Listing is for the drive, power adapter only as shown. These disks are great! The USB models were quite popular for debugging and installing servers that did not have a CD drive available. Imatikn the next few years, Supetdrive was quietly discontinued, even in areas where it was popular. English Choose a language for shopping.

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Internally it is an IDE drive not imatin floppy-interfaced one. It’s treated as a storage device, so all superdirve needs is just a generic driver. Found a few old files I’d been after for years that I thought I’d lost. You’d need to find a friend with an older Mac with a built-in floppy or use professional services like RetroFloppy.

I made a special dos boot disk to play old games that required large amounts of conventional memory before the days of windows, and bad dos drivers. Matsushita continued development of the technology and released the LS By “floppies,” do you mean 1.

Where did you get it? Jan Hedlund Jan Hedlund. The true capacity of these “SDMB” drives [4] is I’d intended to do a YouTube video benchmarking the external on parallel and SCSI do see which offered better performance yeah, as if anyone would find that useful todaybut never got around to doing it.


No flavors Outperformed by a Zip drive No printed manual. All replies Drop Down menu. There is no flavor and there are no ways to change it in the default packaging.

Imation Super Disk Drive

Video doorbell without WiFi? Oh I know they made internal drives for Windows too, I’ve seen quite a few of them back in the day and reeeeealy wanted one at the time! This article is about Laser-servo drives. As I recall the internal IDE Zip drive was faster then the parallel version and wasn’t dependent on the “Guest” software. May 18, Superdrivs drive out muscled the Apple SuperDrive easily as you can see below.