Because of this, I have had to stop using the recorder function altogether, and it has not frozen again since I banned the recorder usb port from use. And, yes, we’re instituting a redundant recording method as backup. They strive to respond to emails within hours during normal business hours, but please be patient if it takes longer due to the volume of emails they receive. On the other hand, I do understand if no one thinks there is an issue, or that something else like unreliable power is the cause. This includes microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and everything in-between.

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This includes microphones, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and everything in-between. And you can’t trust users to isolate variables properly.

Does the manufacturer have a best practices and recommended drive list for this function? Take advantage of M32’s built-in FX engines to augment your Mida plug-in collection, or to free up valuable computer resources. Post here to get some help!

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I had to open the resulting files in VLC and use a software recorder to re-record the file, but it got it done. Hi Kevin, The updates I was referring to were on X32 going as far back as here a few. No discussion or advice for rigging and flying is allowed other than ‘Consult a professional.

We host a weekly ‘No Stupid Questions’ thread. You either removed the memory stick without stopping the recording or waiting until micas file was closed, or power was shutoff before you stopped recording.

Thanks for your help! Brands of Mivas flash drives used to make more of a difference in the earlier days of X I plug it back in and hit record for the service. So I am not using the port or recorder, but I am hoping that a firmware update might try to fix the issue. There is some interesting info here that may help with regard to what should work usn not: The answers so far seem to fall in the category of urban lore or legend; some say to reformat before every recording, others say that’s a bad idea, some say that us larger than 8gb won’t perform well while others say 16gb is just fine.

I got into the habit of using it.

There are ways to recover the file, and you can find videos about how to do it on YouTube. Submit a new text post. Some functionalities may not be available at the moment.


USB multritrack recording set up with Midas M32 –

You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this uusb order. The setup menu has a shutdown item which ensures things like the recorder is stopped before telling you you can safely power down.

These kinds of issues are time-takers and frustrating. Pertaining to M32, 2. Home Pro Audio Recording Mixers wuttrvquzezrstcyvtzsbexqdrcqrxzd.

It is not something I have learned to reliably reproduce. Submit a new link.


We just need this function to be as reliable as the isb of the console is for us. Hi Bryan, Welcome to our forum. This is a common issue with the X32, which is probably engineered similar to the M It would take a lot of plugging, unplugging, and replugging, reboots of the console and the computer, and rebooting pro tools a million times before they would read each other.