Cingular has many tutorials and lots of great information online. I would suggest that you reflash with the most recent Monster pack, available direct from MotoX here. Yes, using this flash will erase your current LP. Pretty much anything will run on it, from the best of my knowledge. If you are having connectivity issues to your service provider then the WebSession file is most likely the culprit. I thought that when i overwrite from sim to phone even when the phone memory numbers is more than sim memory , its should not deleting my phone memory numbers, rite?

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The newest version is compatible with both phones. My V3 got wet, what do I do?

Moforola lazy to make your own cl. Motorola Unlocker – This is used for unlocking the V3 among other models. This post has been edited by mirage The Flash The flash is the part we change most often. Make sure you are in P2K mode. Hope it is there Think of it as the Linux distro. I tried it on my V3i and it’s also the same.


Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Apart from flashing m,y phone with new firmware. Step 4 – Dry the electronics components under a desk lamp on a towel for 24 hours. And yetieater, Moorola have found that we can backup our flex by using this utility. With the drivers that were linked to above, simply extract the.

File 3 – Contains: Has too many features to list, but is used for enabling a continuous backlight mode to show off the outer LCD screen on the V3. I bought my V3i with MDM warranty. I tried searching and deleting all P2Kautostart files too. I’ve motorla the non-iTunes model so it doesn’t bother me at all.

Haha, well that means i gonna have to modify the rubber, anyway i still keep the rubber around. A f3 of pointers for owners of the RAZR series phones regarding modifying their phones to their own liking. Welcome Guest Log In Register.

Downloads page – Hack the V3: Downloadable files and programs for the Motorola V3

Jul 7 They’ll both work fine, no bricks and I can confirm this. Of course, without the rubber, the keypad touches the screen but my screen is always dirty anyway cause I have sweaty palm: I have it here and install it already. We’ll get started with a few simple things first, just to help you get acquainted with your phone.


What do you mean complete? Sending Restart Command… Waiting for driver to disconnect Wife wont let me play with her phone until warranty period expires but the specs of my phone is: How come i don’t have Bootloader? Having been dropped three times, I can understand that the phone will be a little quirky.

My phone is using LP but messages composed in Simplified Chinese don’t seem to work properly. Monsterpacks are useful in that they can upgrade your Bootloader.